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Chef Jet Tila's Flavors of Thai Town Food Tour

When culinary personality and best-selling author Anthony Bourdain brought his "No Reservations" crew to Los Angeles he turned to Chef Jet Tila, Thai Town's honorary Mayor, to show him around. That resulted in a memorable Thai Town segment for Travel Channel's hugely popular "No Reservations" series. Chef Jet was appointed as the official Thai Culinary Ambassador to the United States by the Royal Thai Government in 2013.




2.5 hour


0.5 mi/0.8 km


6 stops

Savvy food tourists can now personally experience that same, ultimate, insiders' tour, previously available only to prominent journalists and distinguished visiting chefs with celebrity chef and national culinary personality Jet Tila as their personal guide. You'll experience the best tastes of Thai Town as carefully selected by Jet Tila who grew up in the area. Thai people frequent restaurants for one particular signature dish, and Jet will showcase the best of these for his guests including papaya salad, jade noodles, and a selection of traditional Thai bakery treats.  Chef Jet recently gave a preview Thai Tour to Eye on LA - click here to watch   (Note:  Chef Jet's segment is from minute 6:40 to 9:26).

The dishes sampled on this tour have been specifically selected by Chef Jet Tila, and there are typically no substitutions for guests with dietary restrictions or food allergies. We can likely accommodate substitute tastings in some instances for an additional $15 per person (option on purchase tickets page). Please note the tour is NOT suitable for guests who are gluten-free. If you have questions regarding the compatibility of your diet with the tastings on the tour, please feel free to contact us before purchasing tickets.

9/8/19 - 10:30am
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