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A Day of Family Fun and Spanish Cuisine
family fun with kids
Ariana Sanchez
Ariana Sanchez
May 5, 2017

Wilson Park

Wilson Park is an excellent place to get out, enjoy the weather, and enjoy a day with the family. At Wilson Park there’s lots to do that will keep your family entertained. For example, at Wilson Park you can stop by the Farmers Market for fresh produce or stop by the batting cages to try out your baseball skills. Take the kids to the playground and let them run around in the sun. Farmer’s Market takes place every Saturday morning, while you walk around enjoy the live music and various breakfast stands! So why not take an original food tour? Wilson Park is located at 2200 Crenshaw Blvd in Torrance.

Mulligan Family Fun Center

Another way to enjoy the day with your family is to stop by the Mulligan Family Fun Center. At Mulligan Family Fun Center, your kids can enjoy a number of exciting events. For example, try your hand at miniature golf and see who wins in the end! Other activities that you and your family can enjoy include go-carts, taking a ride on a small boat the kids, batting cages, a rock climbing wall and an arcade filled with fun games and prizes. There is even a laser tag area. Mulligan Family Fun Center is located at 1351 W. Sepulveda Blvd in Torrance.

Harbor City Food Tour

During your day of family fun, consider taking a trip to the Harbor City food tour. During the food tour, you will be able to enjoy an authentic paella lunch as well as hearing from the Dona Juana family of La Espanola Meats located in Harbor City. The two generation family will offer authentic Spanish cheeses, charcuterie, wines and a number of various specialities that have been imported directly from Spain. Enjoy this tour of Spanish food in Harbor City with the whole family. Click here for more information.

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