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Passion Fruit Curd and New Delibar
passionfruit curd
Diane Scalia
Diane Scalia
April 29, 2010

My wanderlust gets stirred up

Happy end of April, food and travel fans!

This last weekend we entertained about 75 tour guests from Wednesday through Sunday. My wanderlust gets stirred up each time my guests tell me where they've been or where they're going, on either side of my tour. One couple was off to Australia and New Zealand while another was set to sail the Riviera, and still others were just having too much fun just touring SoCal, staying in Downtown LA, Santa Monica, Laguna Beach, and San Diego ... dining fabulously well at every turn! So here is wishing all of our travelers safe and yummy journeys!

For those of us staying in or near LA for the next duration, I have some great news that will tempt local palates for the here and now ~

One of our favorite LA tour guest-speakers, Chrysta Wilson at Kiss My Bundt Bakery, is at it again I'm thrilled to report! We were the very privileged tasters of her new, spectacular Passion Fruit Curd the other day, that she will be using in brand-new cake recipes (probably as I type). She is also considering offering a new class via her Baking Academy, on making fruit curds using fresh purees. Once again, I promise that we are very lucky that she is sharing her recipes and techniques, and I encourage everyone to rush over to her class page and consider learning from one of the finest and most clever culinary artists we have in our midst!

In addition to all that, I had the joy of dining out a couple of times last week, so it's time again to chat up a couple more delicious places that ~

We recommend ....

Chameau Delibar ~ formerly a more formal Moroccan dinner spot on Fairfax near Beverly, it has now been transformed to a 'delibar', which is more casual, open for lunch and dinner, and offers options like customizing your own sandwich. A selection of colorful, fresh, seasonal salads also adorn their display. I couldn't resist their Lamb Merquez Sausage sandwich with crispy leeks, alongside their fresh green salad with lemon dressing, delicious enough to slurp with a straw! If you like a Moroccan slant to your Mediterranean, very kind service, and a relaxing respite in an otherwise high-voltage neighborhood, you will love Chameau.

Chef Hannes ~ one of downtown El Segundo's finest traditions, for lunch (weekdays only) and dinner. With a well-priced menu offering salads, pastas, and specialty entrees, this exquisite little European bistro rarely has an item priced over $20. Hannes is from Austria and at one time was the private chef of Arnold Schwarznegger! Selections feature fresh farmers market veggies, which taste like they were picked from the garden minutes before they appear on your plate. Heads up - closed Sundays!

That's it for this week ... next week you will find in an email box near you, the May edition of our e-newsletter, which will boast a recipe for the best fish tacos in the land, and we'll even suggest where to buy the ingredients!

Enjoy your weekend, ideally with lots of delicious time around the table with those you love!

Until next time, I remain ~

Diane Scalia

Your Chef and Tour Maestra

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