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On Our 3rd Birthday - "Holding Time"
scalia sisters in front of the rose bowl
Diane Scalia
Diane Scalia
July 22, 2010

Our 3rd Birthday

cake with candles on it

This week Melting Pot Food Tours celebrated its 3rd birthday and not surprisingly, we did so at the table.

Lisa and I hosted our fabulous team of fantastic tour leaders Kendall and Summer Davis, Nancy Hirschman, and Barbara Miles; our brilliant Art Director LuAnn Roberto; and our younger sister Suzy Cook, who acts as our office manager from time to time and equally important, is our resident Director of Moral Support.

Our dinner meal at EATALIAN CAFE was sublime. Salads, pizza, pastas, and the creamiest, dreamiest gelato graced our table and discerning palates. As your Chef who is very selective about her Italian, I highly recommend making the trek to Gardena’s industrial neighborhood to this restaurant. If you like authentic, you will love EATALIAN!

During the course of our lively dinner conversation, we spoke about how fast time goes by. For instance, my niece Sally was the model for my Angel Food Cookbook when she was 2 1/2, which seemed like 2 1/2 weeks ago. She leaves for college next month. I knew that would happen.

We mused about how time at the table with family and other loved ones, is a very special way of nurturing relationships and even “holding time” ~ that same time that flies by otherwise.

Had Lisa and I not grown up with dinner at 6pm every night, around the kitchen table with our entire family of 7 ... designated seats, protocol, dishwashers’ rotation afterward and all ... perhaps we wouldn’t be celebrating our business’s 3rd birthday together with such grace and joy. We truly do like and love each other, and enjoy working together!

Food, cooking, and family meals were a huge part of our lives growing up, and that had much to do with my having become a Chef. Now in addition to our Melting Pot Food Tours success, I have the privilege of cooking and serving my guests at Chez Melange’s new BarComida in Redondo Beach. It’s like welcoming people to my home for dinner.

Perhaps our work is really about bringing people to the table. Lisa and I both feel really lucky to now celebrate 3 years of doing that quite well. We love and appreciate the support we have all around us, and look forward to “holding more time” with all of you in the future! Thank you for continuing to support Melting Pot Tours!

Until next time, I remain ~

Your Chef and Tour Maestra

Diane Scalia

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