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More Allure: Celebrity Watch
Diane Scalia
Diane Scalia
January 29, 2009

My sister is the celebrity spotter

Really, Lisa is the one who could write more about the celebrity spotting that occurs on our tours, since she watches TV and sees more movies than I do.

I love telling our guests, "I watch sports and, SpongeBob. SpongeBob is easy to spot..."

When sighting a more authentic Hollywood celebrity, Lisa is the one to say "Oh! That's ___!!" The deal is, even when she tells me, I still don't know who the person is. I just don't resonate that much with this genre, although once a spotting has occured, it is pretty exciting!

I do find myself thinking that it'd be nice if David and Posh Beckham return from Milan to LA soon, just so I can say she shops at the Beverly Center.

We intend to have this topic be a recurring one, so we'll update you on who we spot, from now on, at least at the Farmers Market and along West 3rd Street. Lisa will just explain to me who these noteworthy people are, and I will report to you!

people recording with their smartphoens

Take a couple weeks ago, for instance. We were leaving Mishima late on Sunday afternoon at the end of a private tour for a great group, and there, taking the window table were Sasha Baren Cohen and Isla Fisher, with daughter Charlotte in tow. Did I recognize these people? I did not, but Lisa did, so there you are.

Here are some other spottings we've noticed, if you and yours tend to stargaze.

On weekday mornings

On weekday mornings especially, there is an East Patio table at the Farmers Market filled with Hollywood writers; sometimes actors from The Office join them. At Charlie's on the West Patio, Hollywood is said to have breakfast there often, especially on weekday mornings.

On 3rd Street, Joan's is favorite haunt of actor James Franco (also spotted by guests last summer, with me saying "Who?"), and Mindy Kaling from The Office. Across the street at Toast, Entourage and other shows use the dining room for filming. So, we understand the beautiful people are there often, and if you've ever noticed the swarm of people around the place at most any hour, you have to guess it's definitely a see-and-be-seen haunt. (I recommend the multi-grain toast, by the way.)

OK so, our sightings appear a little light for now I know, but give us some time. We won't disappoint, and intend to keep you posted on...well, probably better stories than this one.

Until then, I remain your faithful tour maestra,

Diane Scalia

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