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Corazon y Miel = Heart & Honey
corazon y miel brunch
Diane Scalia
Diane Scalia
April 2, 2016

Corazon y Miel

It is always such a joy, pleasure, and especially an honor ... to dine at a restaurant that comes passionately referred by a trusted friend. Especially when that restaurant's Chef is a friend of the trusted friend that sends you there!

For months I've wanted to visit Corazon y Miel, in the city of Bell where I don't believe I have ever been before but, I am here to tell you that I am so happy I have been there now. This exquisite place, simple yet elegant and homey at the same time, was where I dined for brunch a couple weeks ago. I had the wonderful company of two dear friends who ... happen to simply trust me when I say "We need to eat here!"

I pointed the way, and the first day of Spring ... there we landed. Corazon y Miel means Honey and Heart. What a way to celebrate!

Before I wax poetic any further about how, why, and especially when you too, must dine here, let me stop the suspense and advise that the photo you see right here (top left) is the wild boar Chilaquiles de Jabali' plate (guajillo and roasted carrot crema). The three of us loved it with the fried egg, just perfect. My friends commented that they especially loved the way the chips stayed crunchy. I commented that there was nothing to not love about this dish!

Pelon' y Beso

We started our exploration of the brief menu - something I adore, it guarantees everything is perfectly fresh and prepared to perfection - with something to drink. I opted for their French press coffee while the others were eager to try the cocktails. Corazon cocktails. There was one called Pelon' y Beso of which I am not sure of the translation (pelon' perhaps means tricky?); I just  know that  beso means "kiss". It was spicy and really delicious. Lia loved the Salsa Verde cocktail on the right, with a base of jalapeno-infused white tequila.

Then we let the eating begin, first with a little plate of baby potatoes (see photos at the end of my post here). Our off-the-charts Chilaquiles were complemented on our plates with 48-hour Pork Belly and Eggs. Imagine that. Our gracious server Gaby asked how we'd like the egg and we promised her that the brilliant Chef Eduardo Ruiz could decide that for us. His scramblng it oh-so-just-right was a very good decsion, I can promise you this. It was tempting to order one of everything on the menu but, we of course wanted to save room for dessert.

By the way, whlle the dining room filled to capacity (by around 12noon), the bartender kindly made time to drop by and see how happy we were, I loved that. We were made to feel very special and that always means a lot to me, and my friends felt equally well taken care of. It made an already superb experience even better.

Just order this, trust me and see

Having said all that, I am not sure we were even prepared for what a soon-to-be-craveworthy experience came next, when dessert was served. We ordered both sweets - one was the Bunuelos with fried bananas, churro spices, house caramel ... just order this, trust me and see. The other offered was a chocolate cake but, we were gently advised that it wasn't available after all but ...

"The Chef will make you a cuatros leches cake if you'd like", the lovely Gaby told us.

She needed to say no more, we were in.

The bartender was the one who told us what the "fourth milk" was, I was dying to know.

"It's something special that the Chef makes himself, with rose water."

He needed to say no more.

My only regret

My only regret is that I do not have the best photo of it, I am so sorry about that. I think my camera hand was shaking from the ecstasy I was feeling having taken just one bite of this blissful creation. It just tasted like incredible beauty - it's the only way I can begin to describe it!

And that is where I will leave you. I promised to tell you how and why you need to eat here, I think I've done that well and there ought to be no questions ;-)

As for when you need to eat here, I heard an expression the other day that I love. The day before yesterday.

I personally am going back when I call the Chef and he tells me that the new object of my obsession, his Cuartros Leches Cake, will be ready and waiting for me.

My heartfelt gratitude to Chuy Tovar at Primera Taza Coffee House in Boyle Heights (home of the rarest sandwich in town and, a favorite stop on our East LA Latin Flavors Tour), for sending me to Corazon y Miel.

"Honey and heart" turned out to be sweeter than even I could imagine!

Corazon y Miel is open for dinner 6 nights (closed Mondays) and brunch on Sundays from 10am-2pm. Learn more aobut them here, and enjoy these photos below to hopefully get you salivating ... in order - Papas with sage, garlic, leek; 48-hour pork belly; Bunuelos; Entrance to restaurant.

Until next time I remain ~

Your Chef and Tour Maestra,

Diane Scalia

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