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One Of The BEST Audiences EVER On Our Los Angeles Food Tour!
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Diane Scalia
Diane Scalia
January 30, 2009

"Let's Make a Deal"

When we were children, we went for a taping of the game show "Let's Make a Deal" with my parents. My mom got chosen for the 'trading floor'. She wore an olive green sheath dress that she had sewn herself, and held a big empty foil-wrapped box with a sign that said "ZONK for Monty".

She didn't get chosen to make a deal, but she did look really beautiful sitting in one of the front rows.

At the end of the taping, Monty Hall the host, came out to say goodnight to the studio audience. He sang our praises as "the BEST audience they EVER had!" I was so excited to learn this! I think it was my dad that crushed my spirit a little when he said, laughing, "He says that every night!"

Here's what I say. What if every audience night after night, was really the best? What if, he loved what he did so much, each night, he was filled with joy that was hard to contain, so that's just what came out when he said thank you? What if he really meant that?

people on a melting pot food tour

Today we had an awesome group

I say this because, it's pretty much the way I feel after I lead each and every one of our Los Angeles Tours. Today we had an awesome group of four people that I just adore by now. Last Saturday I hosted 10 people then Lisa hosted 8 more that I got to meet after my tour ended, and all 18 were THE most fun people!

Each group has qualities that bring such unique fun to every single tour. By the end, we are actually sad to have to say goodbye! We are very much inclined to say, "this has been our best group ever!" It does not discount the fun we had with the last tour or those before, it very much means that we just really love our work.

Ah! I know! I think what might be equally true, is that hosting/entertaining our guests brings out the best in us.

Please believe me when I say that!

OK, quick celebrity watch note - today, Weird Al Yankovic was spotted on 3rd Street at one of our tour stops. He chooses his restaurants well.

Now. I was going to include a flash-in-the-pan pasta recipe in this post but guess what. I am starving and am making that very recipe for dinner just now. Let me just perfect it and, I'll write about it later.

I'll leave you with this Weird Al note: A thousand years ago, Weird Al and his girlfriend at the time, sat next to me and my boyfriend at the time, at a concert of the band They Might Be Giants. Weird Al's girlfriend was very interested in taking my cooking classes and, neither of us had a paper or pen. No business cards. We had nothin'. So could I offer her a way to contact me later? I could not. Do I regret this? A little but really, not so much.

Enjoy a delicious weekend please and, let us hear from you!

Your favorite Tour Maestra,

Diane Scalia

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