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Autumn Treats and Sweets
pumpkin cupcakes
Diane Scalia
Diane Scalia
October 21, 2011

Autumns exquisite flavors

‍With autumn comes the exquisite flavors of sugar and spice and everything nice, including apples, pears, and of course, pumpkin. Chocolate also gets its seasonal fame, in places other than bags of waxy Halloween candy!

As your Tour Maestra, I’d love to mention where to find some important treats with which to celebrate this season the right way. Some are on our favorite walking paths, served up by our beloved merchants.

Lisa and I have now officially taste-tasted Bennett’s 2011 homemade pumpkin ice cream, available for a limited time at the Original LA Farmers Market. We highly recommend its supreme perfection! May we enthusiastically suggest a serving with Bennett’s homemade bittersweet chocolate sauce? We speak from personal experience regarding that also.

If pumpkin isn’t your flavor, perhaps consider Bennett’s peppermint stick ice cream ... with that same chocolate sauce. This duo comes highly recommended by the man himself, Scott Bennett!


Down the street, on West Third, consider Joan’s on Third’s amazing bakery and gelato counters. Every year they joyfully doll up apple, cranberry, pumpkin and spice (and their entire store, deli, displays) in the best of ways!

Let us introduce you and yours personally to Bennett’s and Joan’s on our Farmers Market and West Third Street Tour!

In Old Pasadena, Tutti Gelati now has their own homemade pumpkin spice gelato waiting for you, and their cinnamon gelato is equally amazing.

Mignon Chocolate has their autumn signature ready and willing to go home with interested parties. Anyone for their hand-painted 60% Dark Chocolate shell filled with Pumpkin Pie dark chocolate ganache? Really, anyone?!

Not familiar with Old Pasadena? We are! We’d be delighted to show you Tutti Gelati, Mignon Chocolate and more, on our Old Pasadena Tour!

Finally, our East LA section of town boasts its own glorious sweets! We know where to find them, right in the heart of Boyle Heights.

Jericalla custard

Our good friends Luz and Richard Gonzales at Birrieria Jalisco have a passion for their grandmother’s Jericalla custard dessert, said to be a cross between flan and creme brulee. Also available in their fridge is traditional Mexican flan, and rice pudding. All desserts cost only $2, and may be enjoyed after your birria meal or to take home.

At Juan Romero’s cozy Primera Taza Coffeehouse just across the street from Birrieria, iced or hot Mexican chocolate is served year-round. Made with freshly-ground Ibarra chocolate, this incredibly delicious treat is a must-try!

We’d love to take you to Boyle Heights for these and other taste sensations, on our East LA Latin Flavors Tour!

In between grazing on tour with us, perhaps you'd like to try a recipe at home, for Pumpkin-Chocolate Chip Cake with Spiced Cream Cheese Icing! Come back next week, just in time for Halloween. I'll be sharing that recipe right here.

Happy Sweets!

Until next time, I remain,

Your Chef and Tour Maestra,

Diane Scalia

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