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Now I Have Argentine Fever!
diane scalia
Diane Scalia
Diane Scalia
April 15, 2010

Argentine fever

Delicious greetings everyone! I hope this post finds you and yours enjoying all that comes with the beauty of April and spring. Today's post is a little unusual but I hope you enjoy it ... you'll have to humor me, I think I warned you about my spring fever recently, and now I have Argentine fever.

There was a lovely couple on my tour last Friday who had so much fun, they promised they were not going to be able to stop talking about it to everyone they knew. How fabulous was that to hear! (Thank you, George and Linda!) I about have the same passion at the moment about some "field work" that our tour-leader-extraordinaire Trish and I did yesterday after we co-hosted a tour of 17.

Some of you know that I am obsessed with world soccer. With the European Champions League finals going on now and the advent of the 2010 World Cup this summer, much of the world is in awe of Lionel Messi, Barcelona's 22-year-old phenom from Argentina. That includes me, and this has yielded unbridled curiosity lately for Argentine food (so I can write a story and recipe for him, as my muse). So, yesterday Trish and I treated ourselves to a spectacular visit to LaLa's Argentine Grill on Melrose. I hadn't had Argentine food in years ... foolish girl.


We had the privilege of meeting the very kind owner and gentleman, Horacio, who "keeps hearing about Lio Messi ...." and, he is a rugby fan. Not only was our meal out of this world, he and his staff made us feel incredibly special so, I am loving this opportunity to keep talking about them. We positively loved the Combo Appetizer of 3 empanadas (THE lightest and most delicious I have ever had! We let Steven our server choose for us - the beef, chicken, and spinach-cheese - are all recommended!), plus tortilla de papa (extraordinary potato quiche, Steven called it) and one grilled chorizo (perfection in a sausage). Alongside that we loved the Ensalada Melrose of chicken, warm rice, feta cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion in their homemade spicy honey mustard dressing. Everything is made from scratch, we were promised ... and I would guess, with love and passion, because you could taste it in every bite.


Clearly too full for dessert, we intended to part company with these lovely people. Then we were surprised with a exquisite serving of their flan drizzled with dulce de leche (see photo) and, two forks. Suddenly, miraculously, we had room for dessert. Smart girls.

Some of you may also know how much I love happy, sweet endings. To say that this gave whole new meaning to that reference, is an understatement!

My point of going on and on like this is, to impress upon all of us that we are so blessed in LA to enjoy different, authentic, fabulous world cuisine every single day of our lives if we choose to. It's why we call this blog series "The Lure of the Melting Pot" ~ it's our intention to encourage Angelenos and visitors and to appreciate and savor the amazing food treasures that line almost every street in our great city.

LaLa's Argentine Grill, which "We recommend ..." is certainly one of those (actually 2 of those, they also have a location in Studio City).

I wish you a fabulous week of dining well, especially with those you love and ~

Until next time, I remain your very full, and happy,

Tour Maestra

Diane Scalia

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