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The Best Murals in East L.A.

May 11, 2018
 murals in East LA
All across the L.A. area you’ll find murals and East Los Angeles is no different. With its rich history, murals gave voice to the people of the area. Check out some of these murals in East LA and the surrounding areas.

Iconic Places to Visit in Los Angeles

April 27, 2018
iconic places los angeles
When traveling to Los Angeles, you might have a bucket list of things you want to do and what you absolutely must see. Be sure to make time for some of these iconic destinations that no trip to L.A. will be complete without!

Top 5 Most Unique Museums in Los Angeles

April 10, 2018
Museums in Los Angeles
It’s no surprise that Los Angeles is filled with impressive museums from LACMA to MOCA but what about the quirky side of L.A.? There’s plenty of that too. Check out some of these unique museums that are unique to Los Angeles.

Craft Fairs Around the LA Area

March 23, 2018
jackalope craft fair
Enjoy one of the craft fairs around the Pasadena and Los Angeles area!

Treat Yourself L.A.: A Food Festival for Millennials

March 9, 2018
Treat Yourself LA Food Festival
Treat Yourself L.A.:A Food Festival for Millennials is heading to the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica and you need to be here. The food festival combines the best in food trends and well as classic delicacies. From savory items like grilled cheese sandwiches to sweets, Treat Yourself LA has got it all.

Your Melting Pot Tours Questions Answered!

February 23, 2018
melting pot tours questions
Everything you need to know about Melting Pot Food Tours in Los Angeles!

Crazy and Delicious Desserts in Los Angeles

February 9, 2018
desserts in los angeles
Want to try some delicious desserts in Los Angeles? Visit these places where you can enjoy some crazy desserts!

New Restaurants to Try in Los Angeles 2018

January 19, 2018
best trendy restaurants los angeles
Here is a list of excellent restaurants that are new to L.A.! Here are some of the best trendy restaurants in Los Angeles, so be sure to try them in 2018

Don't Miss DineL.A.2018!

January 5, 2018
dinela 2018
One of the great things about Los Angeles is that its diversity makes it a perfect destination for anyone who loves food. With so many places to try, dineL.A. 2018 is the answer you’ve been waiting for. From January 12-26th, explore hundreds of restaurants throughout Los Angeles area at discount rates!

Where to take out of town holiday guests in Los Angeles

December 8, 2017
things to do in los angeles during the holidays
There are tons of things the things that the city has to offer such as a unique food tour of la española spanish meats or other fun outdoor activities. Read on to learn about various events taking place in LA during the holidays.

Enjoy The Holidays in Los Angeles w/ Fun Entertainment

November 17, 2017
Holidays in Los Angeles
Not sure what to do this Holiday Season? Don’t worry, Los Angeles has got you covered. Read on to explore ways to celebrate the holidays in the city.

5 Activities You Can't Miss in Pasadena

November 3, 2017
fun activities in Pasadena Ca
Pasadena is a city that is thriving with culture & history. During your time in the area, here are some fun activities to consider that are unique to Pasadena.

Why Our Food Tours Are For Picky Eaters

October 19, 2017
Food Tours For Picky Eaters
One of the great things about LA is that the city is truly a melting pot of cultures. This diversity offers a rare chance to enjoy authentic, cultural cuisines!

Halloween Inspired Fun for Foodies around L.A.

October 5, 2017
Fun for Foodies around L.A.
If you consider yourself a bit of a foodie, you’ll want to check out some of these events featuring delicious pumpkin flavored items, food trucks, and more!

Happiest of Birthday's To Lisa!

September 22, 2017
Photo of Lisa and Diana when they were younger
Many of you know that I refer to her as the brains of the organization &, it is equally true that we are still in business for nearly 10 years because of Lisa.

A Brief Look at Thai Town

September 22, 2017
Thai Statue
Thai Town is known as one of the most ethnic areas in Los Angeles. There is a melting pot of culture in this small area.

Why Los Angeles is a Melting Pot

September 8, 2017
Los Angeles Melting Pot
LA is a city that gets thousands of tourists visiting every year. From the sunny weather to Hollywood, there are numerous reasons why visitors keep coming.

Traditional Shopping Centers near Thai Town

August 18, 2017
thai shopping in la
When exploring the cultural areas of Los Angeles, it’s always great to explore through the help of a tour. One such tour is the Melting Pot Thai Tour.

New & Summer-Cool at the Original Farmers Market

August 17, 2017
basket of bread
Even though we’re in the home stretch of the summer, do not despair. Here are a few delicious things to tempt your taste buds.

3 Daytrips to take near Pasadena

August 4, 2017
daytrips in los angeles
If you’ll be staying around Pasadena, here are 3 great day trip options for you to enjoy!

Try These Creative Ideas For Your Family Reunion

July 27, 2017
creative family reunion ideas
Do you have a family reunion coming up? Instead of doing a traditional family picnic, consider some of these alternative ideas that you won’t soon forget!

Go-to Girls for LA Gastronomy: RABANO, Hermosa Beach

July 24, 2017
RABANO, Hermosa Beach menu
Your Go-To Girls for LA Gastronomy are in fact, us ~ Lisa and Diane Scalia of Melting Pot Tours. These stories are like an armchair extension of our Tours.

Humble and Surprising Origin of the Taco Al Pastor

July 19, 2017
al pastor meat
One thing I love about LA’s vast culinary diversity is that Angelenos are blessed beyond measure that immigrants came here, & brought their food with them.

Explore East L.A. Like a Local

July 7, 2017
mariachi taking a break
The city of East LA is full of vibrant & authentic Latin culture. Explore more of what East LA has to offer. Here are some popular destinations that locals love.

Here Is Why You Need To Go On Chef Tila's Thai Tour

June 28, 2017
chef jet tilla
If you love Thai food, then a special food tour with local celebrity, Chef Jet Tila is just the thing for you.

Unique Tours to Take in Los Angeles

June 9, 2017
unique tours in los angeles
Looking for a unique way to explore Los Angeles? Consider these tours. See LA like never before when you attend these tours.

Top Places to Shop and Eat in East Los Angeles

May 19, 2017
shopping in east la
One way to experience East L.A. is by going on a Latin Flavors Food tour and then stopping by the shops in East L.A.

A Day of Family Fun and Spanish Cuisine

May 5, 2017
family fun with kids
Wilson Park is an excellent place to get out, and enjoy a day with the family. At Wilson Park there’s lots to do that will keep your family entertained.

A Day in Old Town Pasadena

April 28, 2017
lisa scalia in front of memorial park
Pasadena is a charming city located near downtown Los Angeles. From shopping to enjoying delicious eats, Pasadena has it all!

Top Restaurants for an Easter Meal

April 7, 2017
Top Restaurants for an Easter Meal
With Easter just around the corner, it is a great time to consider enjoying a meal with family and friends. There are a variety of locations open in Los Angeles

Triggering Travel and Food Memories

March 31, 2017
ripe tropical mangos
I’m enchanted by a story I read when flying to Guadalajara. It activated my mind’s eye & inspired musings about some of my favorite travel memories.

Go-To-Girls for LA Gastronomy: Indian We Love

January 11, 2017
duck and date
‍Your Go-To Girls for LA Gastronomy are in fact, us, Lisa and Diane Scalia of Melting Pot Tours. This is a new - albeit armchair - extension of our Tours.

Mornings in and around the South Bay Beach Cities

November 30, 2016
kirari bake shop
Your Go-To Girls for LA Gastronomy are in fact, us - Lisa and Diane Scalia of Melting Pot Tours. Welcome to a new - albeit armchair - extension of our Tours.

Coming Soon: “The GoTo Girls for LA Gastronomy”

November 11, 2016
pancakes with syrup
Over breakfast earlier this week, at the Original Pancake House (we love originals) in Redondo Beach, Lisa and I were musing over new topics for blog stories.

Great News from Homegirl Gardens!

October 6, 2016
Homegirl Gardens
It's been said that if there is a chance for peace on earth, there must be urban gardens. That is why I loved receiving Homegirl Cafe’s newsletter this week.

Fabulous Art in Boyle Heights

August 18, 2016
Fabulous Art in Boyle Heights
It gives us great pride & joy to play a role in the development of the 1st Street Corridor in Boyle Heights, at the Mariachi Plaza Metro Gold Line station.

Corazon y Miel = Heart & Honey

April 2, 2016
corazon y miel brunch
It is always such a joy, pleasure, and especially an honor ... to dine at a restaurant that comes passionately referred by a trusted friend.

Merchants We Love: Armando Puente Jr. at Farm Fresh Produce

November 7, 2015
Armando Puente Jr. at Farm Fresh Produce
This series appreciates those who generously contribute to our tours. We are pleased, to introduce Armando Puente Jr., our Junior Intern at Melting Pot.

Happy Birthday Kip's Toyland!

October 17, 2015
Kip's Toyland birthday
The 70th birthday party for Kip’s Toyland had been planned for months. Here is the recipe for cookies I baked that morning, to wish Kip a happy birthday.

Divine Redirection, Latin Style

August 12, 2015
tortas rosa
Unlike last time, upon last-minute notice to host a tour, it did not occur to me that magic would happen.

Magic meets a Melting Pot Food Tour

June 2, 2015
5 star tour group
Just after it crossed my mind to write another story about how amazing our tour guests are, I was gifted with inspiration to craft a new chapter.

If I were his Chef: Alvaro Morata, Juventus

May 19, 2015
Alvaro Morata, Juventus
Find out the story behind my recipe for Pasta Bianconeri with Shellfish, Citrus, and Pistachios, for Alvaro Mmmmorata of Juventus.

Merchants We Love: The Iraguirre's At Bob's Coffee & Doughnuts

April 25, 2015
The Iraguirre's At Bob's Coffee & Doughnuts
Our “Merchants We Love” series appreciates those who generously contribute to the success of our tours by hosting our wonderful guests week after week.

Expensive as a Diamond Ring

September 22, 2014
petrossian egg
Among the most famous and expensive of the precious caviar eggs, Almas (“diamond” in Russian) costs $25,000 for 1 kg or $700 per ounce.

How Chaya Invented Tuna Tartare

August 1, 2014
Tuna Tartare
‍If imitation is the highest form of flattery, Corporate Executive Chef Shigefume Tachibe can consider himself and his tuna tartare creation very flattered indeed.

Melting Pot Food Tours Got Kosher!

May 7, 2013
got kosher cafe challah
When Lisa & I were invited to LA’s GotKosher Cafe & Catering to explore how they elevated kosher cuisine, we were very intrigued & brought some friends along.

Where Else to Eat in LA: Long Beach

October 26, 2012
bake n broil red velvet cake
Here is a short and sweet post about three of my favorite dining spots that LA foodies and visitors really deserve to know about.

Merchants We Love: Anoush Ter Poghossian, Mignon Chocolate

October 11, 2012
Anoush Ter Poghossian, Mignon Chocolate
This series appreciates those who generously contribute to the success of our tours. This week, our focus is on delicious chocolate.

Where Else to Eat in LA: Garden-to-Table

August 11, 2012
fresh garden salad
When asked which are my favorite restaurants in Los Angeles other than those on our food tour stops, my answer is usually a unique one.

Excellent Adventures at International PowWow 2012

May 10, 2012
This is the largest international travel conference held annually in the US, with over 6,000 attendees from over 70 countries, so we were humbled to attend.
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